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A Cultural Change is knocking at our doors (CPEC SPECIAL)


The all-important “CHINA PAKISTAN ECONOMIC CORRIDOR” is all set to boost the economy of Pakistan and take Pakistan to a new and higher level of prosperity and economic developments. Not only it will create tremendous opportunities for our nation, but a long term working relationship with other countries will also be established as a result.

But one thing is for sure that opportunities always bring challenges with them and one such challenge is “The Cultural Change” we are going to face a nation in the near future. Cultural Change is always considered as an important and major event in the because it leaves long-lasting impacts.

Same is the case with our Country, the Tradition, culture, language, and values will see a major change in the near future. After a span of sometime Chinese language will become one of the most spoken languages in our country and the importance of learning English will gradually decrease with the passage of time.

But the question is how we can use this cultural change to our advantage??

Getting Jobs in Chinese Companies

No one can ignore the importance of learning the Chinese language. In fact, it will be one of the most effective tools for communication. It will be a huge plus point for getting jobs in Chinese companies. So the need of the time is that our educational institutions should realize the importance of Chinese language and start teaching the  Chinese language as a compulsory subject so that our youth can take full advantage of opportunities created as a result of CPEC developments.

Role of Media

No doubt in every country Media plays an important role in building the perception of the people. One one side our media needs to show the positive aspects of this mega partnership while on the other side we need to keep on ending strong response to international media spreading negative propaganda against CPEC.

Another serious matter that needs to be discussed is the difference in both countries ethical and moral values. In the near future, we may witness Chinese dramas and movies being aired through private channels and media houses. the Government, Regulatory authorities and Media houses should take serious steps to devise a detailed policy regarding the content that will be uploaded, keeping in view our religious and moral values.

Exploring new businesses

With every passing day, the number of Chinese people in our country will keep on increasing. Such an increase in Chinese people will open a variety of ways for new business markets. Chinese food, dresses, daily use items etc. will be highly demanded. Local investors and manufacturers can take full advantage of these new business markets.

Larger markets for Service Sectors

Because of CPEC Developments and growing businesses, the service providers will enjoy larger markets and diversified community to strengthen their businesses and increasing their user base and customers.

So, the need of the time is that we should be ready to adopt all the positive things from their culture while remembering that “every nation in the world has made progress by adopting his own culture”. In order to succeed we have to follow this Golden rule.

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