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FBR to Bring Private Schools Under the Tax Net

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The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has just started a survey of schools and educational institutions to check whether all such institutions are registered with the income tax department or not.

According to unofficial details, Regional Tax Office – Karachi has mapped out the strategy for all such educational institutions which don’t possess NTN number

Special teams have been designated by tax office that will visit schools, colleges, pre-schools, tuition centers, to check their tax status. Most likely the designated teams will start visiting the institutes in last week of  March 2019.

It is no more a hidden thing that schools have been collecting heavy amounts as fee without declaring their actual incomes. Apart from that, the authorities have also decided to check private tuition centers for their income level.

Schools and colleges are also charging huge fees to the parents, but their contribution to the tax net is not sufficient. Therefore, FBR has also decided to acquire details of the fee structure of schools from the provincial departments to verify the amount charged as the fee to the parents.

The board will also urge the parents to identify schools that are not complying with the tax laws. It will also help parents to adjust or claim a refund against the tax withheld on payment of education fees.

No doubt such actions are the need of the time so that everyone can contribute towards the betterment of our country by becoming responsible citizens and taxpayers of the state.

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