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Honda E-Prototype Looks one from Future

Honda E-Prototype
Honda E-Prototype

Honda (the auto Giant) has given an insight into how the new generation cars will most probably look like. Recently the Japanese giant has introduced it’s electric ‘Honda E-Prototype’ car which is for sure a direct successor of Honda Urban EV Concept 2017.

The auto industry’s craze is at its peak since Honda’s latest concept has been unveiled. The design is worth looking and the electric beast will most likely hit the markets in the last quarter of 2019.

Without any further delay, let’s have a look at the salient features one of the most stylish looking electric cars.

Power, Efficiency and Price Range

The high-end electric car goes from 0-80% charging in just thirty (30) minutes and has a range of appx 200 km,  which is relatively low as compared to other electric vehicles likes Tesla etc. It seems that Honda has decided to give its competitors a  tough time in the near future regarding the production of hybrid and electric cars.

No talking about one of the most important things for car lovers.

When it comes to pricing, the car will be available for approximately 4.7 million Pakistani rupees or U.S.D $33,000.

Design, Dimensions, and Features

The electric beast is  3,895mm in length, 1,750mm wide and 1,495mm tall, interestingly the tiny vehicle is smaller in size than  BMW and i3. The seating capacity is for a maximum of four people, the battery cells are placed between the two axles that provide power to the rear wheels.

Interior look

The compact and streamlined designed vehicle has black inserts around the front and rear lights, the wood grain is complemented with multi-screen center console and dashboard, smart mirrors, handles being poped-out, digital clusters, and badges being illuminated. The battery percentage indicator shows the amount of charge your car still possesses.

However, talking about the overall look of the car it is almost similar to cars we use to see in Science fiction Holly wood movies. No doubt for car lovers this model is worth buying.

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