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JazzCash announces Partnership with University of Punjab

Jazz Cash
Jazz Cash

Recently Jazz Cash, one of the leading service provider of the country, has announced its partnership with the University of Punjab (UOP), to digitize education payments to provide convenience and ease to all students and the organization itself.

As usual, Jazz has always shown interest in the country’s youth and is always trying to find better ways to provide the youth with the best facilities possible to make their everyday lives easier.

No doubt, because of the said partnership Punjab University students, teachers and staff will face ease while handling their educational and other related payments. Jazz Cash believes in revolutionizing education fee payments countrywide.

Chief Digital Officer (CDO) Jazz,  Aamer Ejaz said that,

JazzCash is creating an environment with an increased focus on digital financial services and educational institutes. This partnership allows us to provide the youth of this country with an easy and quick way of paying their fees and educational payments.

Dr. Niaz Ahmad Akhtar – VC at Punjab University also spoke on the occasion, saying,

University of the Punjab has taken the positive initiative to facilitate its students by using modern techniques and technologies. The partnership with Jazz will surely help the students for timely payment of university dues and fee without any problems.

Through this positive initiative, Punjab University students will be able to pay their fees through their mobile accounts as well over the counter (OTC) which will no doubt make the entire process of paying fees easy and convenient.

No doubt this positive step by Jazz will act as a foundation stone towards a digital nation. In the near future, its area of operations will hopefully continue to spread other institutes of the country too.

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