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“Social Media and Smart Phones are making us socially Isolated”

No doubt the technological advancement has proven to be fruitful for our country but talking about its dark side it has negatively affected

We are part of such a Generation which is surrounded by smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gadgets. An era in which everything is under our fingertips either its buying a commodity, hiring someone for service or communicating someone in another continent. In fact, the world has become a Global village and this generation which should be called  “Digital Generation” is apparently socially connected with the whole world.

But the question here is are we actually connected with the whole world? Most probably the answer is “Yes” except our “families”.

During the last eight to ten years there is tremendous growth in smartphone and internet users across the Globe. The reason for such an increase is quite obvious “the technological advancement” and emergence of popular “Social Media Apps”.  A tremendous increase was observed in the number of internet users during the last 8-10 years. Apparently, it seems that we are strongly connected globally then we were ever before.

Some researchers argue that such an increase in the number of smartphones users and excessive use of social media shows the strong desire of humans to socially connect with the world. While others say that it is just a form of Addiction to which people are fully attracted now.

Talking specifically about Pakistan this ‘Technological Advancement” has affected our society a lot especially youth. For the sake of conducting a survey Futuristic Pakistan interviewed different persons from diverse backgrounds and they were asked about the average time they spend on smartphones and social media.

The Result shows that on average a teenager in Pakistan spends 4-6 hours per day on smartphones and screens. Interestingly 40% of the time they checked their phone was for no obvious reason.

Such excessive and prolonged use of smartphones and social media is actually damaging our brain cell and affecting our nervous system. As a result, we cant loose concentration and also negatively affects our sleeping patterns and habits.

The growing use of social media and smartphones is continuously building an illusionary world and unusual perceptions in our minds. As a result, our subconscious mind is repeatedly sending negative signals and waves to the conscious mind which in turn, negatively affect our attitudes, thinking levels, health and most importantly our relationships with family, friends, and society as a whole.

No doubt there are pros and cons of everything in this world the same is the case with social media and smartphones. But with productive and careful use of smartphones, we can use it for our maximum advantages.   

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