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The Flying Pizza


Have you ever imagined that one day you ordered a pizza to be delivered at your doorstep, but astonished to see a flying drone delivering the Pizza?

Wait! What?

In this era of technological developments where businesses are using interesting and innovative marketing strategies to promote their brands. Domino’s pizza came up with a unique and new idea of delivering pizza’s to their customers with the help of drones.

Although this concept has already been applied by Domino’s way back in November 2016 where they successfully delivered the Peri-Peri Chicken and chicken and Cranberry Pizza at Emma and Johnny Norman’s Home near Auckland, Newzeland.

But in Pakistan this is something new and interesting.

You might have already heard about chat boxes, robots and auto machines working in Multinational companies and stores like Ali Baba, Apple, and Amazon but now people in Pakistan will experience flying drones all around their area delivering Pizzas.

No doubt this will set new trends in the fast food industry. Other fast food companies like MacDonald’s, KFC etc. should also consider following this new and amazing technique of delivering fast food to their customers.

It seems to be a good marketing strategy and will surely raise the goodwill and sales revenue of the Company.

People will also find a different and interesting way to surprise their friends and family members. However, it may raise some privacy and security concerns. In the near future, we can expect some rules and regulations regarding the design, speed, and altitude of drones that will be used to provide the service.

Initially, this facility will be available only for selected cities. We all have to keep our fingers crossed until the company provides any further information in this regard.

Most probably this facility will be available in cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad. To know if this new facility is available in your town or not, you can call your nearest branch office.


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That’s a good inovation

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