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Will Machines and Technology finally take over humans?

machines everywhere
Machines, machines and machines every where.

Machines, Machines, and Machines everywhere. Either we are making a phone calls, driving to our offices, working on our laptops, taking flights abroad, withdrawing cash from ATM, writing blogs on PC. We see machines everywhere.

Fortunately or unfortunately we are part of such a generation which is surrounded by machines. Beside that the emergence and use of Artificial intelligence and  Virtual intelligence in the fields of IT, Agriculture, Engineering etc have changed the spectrum of businesses in the entire world.

On one side machines and technology have made our lives easier. By shrinking distances, reducing traveling time, making Communication easier and solving complex problems in seconds while, on the other hand, it has created some serious problems for humanity.

Our job markets, thinking levels, behaviors, attitude are much affected by such huge dependence on machines. For instance more the number of robots and chat boxes working in any multinational company less the number of humans required. Thus resulting in a reduction of workforce and eventually leading to unemployment.

We are not criticizing the ‘‘use” of machines and technology but, such an immense dependence will keep on producing devastating results.  

How humans can effectively compete with machines and technology?

Because of growing industrialization all around the globe the dependency and use of machines will keep on increasing but humans still have some better options in response called “Soft Skills”. Learning Soft skills is the only option left for the ultimate survival of humanity in the near future. If you want to know more about what soft skills  you can also read our blog on soft skills by visiting  the following link https://futuristic.pk/2019/03/17/soft-skills-the-only-option-left-for-our-survival

Although Artificial intelligence, Virtual Intelligence, and machines will give humans a tough time in this sphere of life too, it will take some time. Even with such growing pace, it will approximately take 15-20 years more for machines and technology to actually give tough time to humans by learning and mastering “Soft skills” if possible. 

To conclude, we must say that the need of the time is to realize the importance of soft skills as soon as possible and learn such skills if we want to effectively compete with technology and machines.

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I see it easy, machines can take over what ever human tell them. Remember, they are made by human not the other way around .


Offcourse you are right
But with increase in AI and VR human should prepare to cope with this in a technical way by learning Soft skills

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