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Cosmetic surgery “New fashion in the town”

A woman undergoing through Cosmetic Surgery
A woman undergoing through Cosmetic Surgery
A woman undergoing through Cosmetic Surgery
A woman undergoing through Cosmetic Surgery


Being in this era of time, we all are quite familiar with the word “cosmetic surgery”. These days even the surgeons prefer to practice this course more than other surgery courses. Heard in the town the most common surgery type the “cosmetic surgery” basically deals with the procedures or techniques of perfecting a patient’s body. The procedure has the following elements included:

  • Body implant.
  • Botox
  • Fillers
  • Facial Contouring.
  • Body contouring.
  • Skin rejuvenation.
Expected outcomes of Cosmetic Surgery
Expected outcomes of Cosmetic Surgery

The youth is so much into the celebrities these days knowing them their real ideals. The real spreaders of this surgery type are actually the celebrities, who are more into perfecting themselves to show the world. Setting the new trends by these celebrities now even the commoners tends to get cosmetic surgery to look perfect.

The desired changes brought by the procedures of this surgery type is quite impressive, knowing that you can turn into anything/anyone is quite amazing. People are even changing themselves into their ideas, some changes themselves into a living superman to someone into a living alien, this is one of the most amazing things cosmetic surgery provides to this humanity.

Not every time the surgery turns into the desired end, there are those surgeries that spoiled millions of bodies. Usage of silicon turned into misery for a lot of people. Where there’s a good hand of surgeon there’s also the patience’s luck. People who complain about and spread awareness about cosmetic surgery is quite a lot. Not every time you get what you desired for.

Cosmetic surgery is the key to be what a person really wants to but now that the fact everyone knows is that they can change themselves no one likes to be who they are. The real beauty is all disappearing in us. Every other person looks the same, natural beauty cannot be seen now. Everyone wants big lips, slim nose, and big eyes. No one is happy with their natural looks. The more the surgery the less the natural beauty


This Blog is written by Zahra Farhana 

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