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Cyber Crime Awareness

Cyber Crime Awareness
Cyber Crime Awareness


Now a day’s cyber security is becoming a big problem in society. This article is specifically for Pakistani People to raise cyber security awareness in them.


Dozens of people ask me daily about cyber security questions. Few days ago one of my friend ask me a question about being blackmailed on social media


What to do when we are being harassed by someone in internet?

My first response is always “Report in Pakistan cyber security cell” that’s why they are sitting there to listen to your complaints. They take 24 hours to register complain and they take about a week to catch that blackmailer, hacker or someone with fake profile.


Well now there are many kinds of harassment on internet. If somebody sent you a friend request on social media it is not harassment but you didn’t accept it and he/she keep sending it then it’s a part of harassment but you can’t complain on that. But if somebody blackmails you about it or anything than you can complain that easily. Now there are many ways to complain that in Pakistan. Let’s check them…



  1. Report In nr3c

Nr3c is Pakistan National Responsive Center for Cyber Crime. It handles cyber security problems in Pakistan. Nr3c has solved many cases in Pakistan. They have expert forensic investigators who do many kind of forensics. They usually take 24 hours to submit an application.


To report in nr3c you have to go to this link



What kind of Complaints can be entertained by NR3C?

  • Un-Authorized Accessed (Physical Information system, digital data, personal Identity)
  • Email hacking, Fake id on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • Online Fund Transfer Fraud through bank, ATM, Easy paisa, U-paisa, Time pay or any other online fund transfer facility
  • Impersonation and defamation on social media ( Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus)
  • If your device has been hacked by someone through some key logger, rat, on something else
  • If you got hit by a ransom ware
  • If you are getting blackmail by someone on social media
  • If someone is spreading hate about any religion



How can you get to know about Progress of your complaint?

You can email (helpdesk@nr3c.gov.pk) or contact them on 051-9106384 or mobile no: 03366006060 for any query against you complaint and update progress


You can also complain in nr3c offices directly with written application. You can find nr3c offices in this link


  1. Report in Pscw

Pscw is Punjab Commission on the State Of Women. Pscw is specifically for women’s. it deals with all kinds of women’s problem. They also register complain on being harassed. They have helped many women’s who are being harassed.


They also register online complains. Here is the link


They also have a free toll number which is 1043 on which you can call and report for cyber crime

Cyber crime is now becoming a major problem in Pakistan. We have to be together to stop it.

Thank You for reading this article if you like it than kindly please share it and if you have any questions about it or cyber security than drop a comment below.

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It is in reality a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.| а

Dr. Riaz
Dr. Riaz

Well done

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