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3G services to be launched in “Bajaur” today

3G services to be launched in Bajaur
3G services to be launched in Bajaur

Good news for the people of Tribal areas. 3G cellular services will be launched in Bajaur district today.

Besides the demand for other basic facilities no doubt this was also a long-lasting demand of the people of tribal areas. On his visit to Bajaur, while delivering his maiden speech, Prime Minister Imran Khan promised the people of Tribal District that in near future Government will provide  3G services in their area.

Imran Khan in Bajaur
                  Imran Khan addressing in Bajaur

By provision of such services in such an underdeveloped area, PM  fulfilled his commitment.

According to Chief Minister KPK Mahmood Khan, all the related work for the provision of 3G services in the tribal district has been completed. And the facility will be launched on Monday 25 March 2019.

CM KPK  stated that it was longstanding demand of the tribal community which is now fulfilled. In a video message, he further said that to provide people access to undisrupted electricity soon the construction of grid station will be completed. He further added work on the tunnel will also be started soon that will link the Tribal district with the Expressway.


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