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Huge oil reserves found in Karachi


Great news for all the Pakistani people as PM Imran Khan has made a huge announcement, stating that there is a strong likelihood of discovering oil reserves near Karachi. If successfully explored that will be Asia’s largest oil reserves.

PM further added that newly discovered reserves are found near Karachi’s offshore waters. If the exploration goes successful no doubt it will change the fortunes of the country.


Pakistan will no longer need to import oil from Middle Eastern countries. Such self-sufficiency in oil and gas sector will help in tremendous economic growth of our country.

From the past few weeks, there have been speculations around the development particularly over the social media. However no official news was released by any relevant department or agency however, PM’s official statement proved as welcome and positive news for the Pakistani nation.

Imran Khan also made a request to the nation to wholeheartedly pray for the success of the undergoing mission as it will be a large boost for our troubled economy.

We will update you further in this regard as more news is anticipated in the near future.

Featured image via dawn.com

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