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Apple is breaking its own Rules with News+ app


To maintain their market dominance the giants like FB, Apple, etc are often seen to be adopting anti-competitive strategies. A recent case came into light when IOS developer Dave DeLong criticized Apple’s newly launched News+ app. The major reason for his criticism was that Apple didn’t follow its own “App Store Rules”. Apple’s App store rules states; 

  • The developer must clearly mention the time, for which the trial will last.
  • The price that will be billed after the trial ends.
  • It must be notified to the users that the subscription fee will be deducted automatically from the account they provide.
  • The links to support & privacy policy must be given to users.

These rules are made so that the user is not misled in any case.

Now let’s have a look at Apple’s News+ App sign up Interface.

Image from Dave's official twitter account
           Image from Dave’s official twitter account


By clicking the “Try it free button” the user is directly shown a billing page without being told about the subscription charges. Interestingly the page is not linked to any privacy policy or support link.

Such anti-competitive practices should be discouraged to allow fair play for everyone.

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