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Live Broadcast is uncontrollable; says Facebook


The most famous social media platform Facebook has been the trending topic of dialogue currently. Recently, its live broadcast feature is the main focus of debate. But an important thing is that People definitely wants Facebook to rethink about its LB feature.

The terrifying event that happened a few days ago in Christchurch was the headline since the event occurred. No doubt such a criminal act disturbed us a lot, however, the matter that needs serious attention is, the brutal event was a live broadcast.

Surprisingly, Facebook has admitted that it cannot fully control its live broadcast feature as of now. Fb official says that AI has not reached such level of advancement that it can automatically control and block such content.

We need to understand that, this is a sensitive and serious matter. If LB feature is not under full control it means Facebook is giving free hand to criminals and wrongdoers. And in the meanwhile providing them a platform where they can openly broadcast their wrong deeds live.

The exaggeration on the media regarding Christchurch event is obvious. Because it has affected at least 1.5 billion Muslims living on the planet.

Till now Facebook has not announced any relevant changes. However, in the near future, we may see a change in policy regarding this.



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FB should take measures immediately

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