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“Create Public event” an upcoming Google map feature (unofficial)

Create event feature to be launched by Google
Create event feature to be launched by Google

Google maps a service developed by “Google” is quite famous for the utility it provides to its users in the form of street maps, aerial views, real-time traffic updates, satellite images, etc. Google Maps is most likely functioning on an update “Create event” which will enable users to make public events at a specific location, time and date.  Surprisingly you will be able to even set different tags and images to appropriately explain the nature of the event .

It will go through the apps’ “Contribute” tab, that was antecedently allotted to rate businesses and add crowd-sourced information. Till now Google hasn’t formally declared the feature nonetheless, however, the tech giant has created a support page for it that shows that this feature will be available soon to the general public.

A website https://www.androidpolice.com/ Andriod Police wrote that at the instant the Maps “contribute” tab seems a bit laggy, as a result of the event side into the app took almost an hour to truly seen on a map.

However, with the passage of time, this new feature will improve. It is worth mentioning here that the “Create Event” feature is already integrated by Facebook a long time ago.

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