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You can now travel from Lahore to Multan in 3.5 hours (via Daewoo Express)

Daewoo launches lahore to multan non-stop service
Daewoo launches Lahore to multan non-stop service

Often transport companies use creative and customer friendly strategies to increase their client base. But this time Daewoo Express has something amazing for its valuable customers. If you’re an everyday individual going between Multan and Lahore. You are about to hear a piece of excellent news.

A special non-stop vehicle has been launched by Daewoo Express for this route that not solely travels quicker however additionally provides a cushty journey at a really cheap price. Not only that you will be able to reach your destination while saving an hour too. 

This new utility will just take three and half-hour on its journey from Lahore to Multan and the other way around.

If you travel on your personal transport via Motorway it normally takes four and half hours. This (new Daewoo Express) can be most likely the quickest you’ll be able to go from Lahore to Multan via road on a bus.


Talking about an important thing i.e. Fare. The service prices are as low as Rs. 700 per rider that is additionally economical for a trip that is 350 Km.

Start Date

The service will start on April 1st, 2019. No doubt it will give tough time to the company’s competitor’s.

The all-important factor

The factor passengers ought to detain in their mind is that they should use Toilet etc before stepping in the bus due to a non-stop three and a half journey.

No doubt, it would be attention-grabbing to ascertain if this service boosts Daewoo’s customer base.

Via https://daewoo.com.pk/

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