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World’s biggest book sale, for the first time in Pakistan

The world's biggest book sales comes to Pakistan
The world's biggest book sales comes to Pakistan

More than one million books!!! Discount ranging from 50%-90% !!!For the first time in Pakistan!!! Good news for all the book readers in Pakistan. The world’s biggest book sale “The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale” is coming to Pakistan in April. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is famous for its events all around the world.

The world's biggest book sales comes to Pakistan
The world’s biggest book sales comes to Pakistan

Saint Andrew the founding father of world’s biggest book sale aforementioned that the sale aims for a culture of reading through cheap fresh books within the country. The sale will have several high-quality English books you can simply afford.


The event will be organized in April 2019 i.e. April 19 to 29.


The big event will be held in the Expo Center, Johar Town Lahore.

In the recent past, the world’s biggest book sale has no doubt attracted lot of book readers, families and students from all around the world. Books from different categories including best sellers, drama, business, art, crime scenes, fiction, and novels, etc can be easily found.

The all-important factor

It’s worth mentioning here that, the books you are going to purchase will be 100 % original. The thing you will hardly find in Pakistan.

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