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Lahore to Multan now in 3 hours 15 mins via (Bilal Travels)

Bilal travels launched new service from Lahore to Multan

Going to far away cities is usually a problem. Multan is quite far away city but if you frequently travel between Multan, Lahore and the Capital city, then there is a piece of good news for you. After Daewoo, Bilal Travels has just started a non-stop bus services from Rwp to Multan and Lahore to Multan, which will considerably reduce the traveling time between these places 

As per details, it’ll solely take three hours and quarter-hour i.e 3 hours and 15 minutes to travel between Multan and Lahore just because of newly launched non-stop service by Bilal Travels.

Bilal travels launched new service from Lahore to Multan

However, if you frequently travel from Rwp to Multan and vice versa Bilal Travels guarantees to urge you to your destination in five hours and forty-five minutes solely. Before this, it normally takes eight hours or even more.

Bilal travels launched new service from Rwp to Multan

It is worth mentioning here that the newly launched non-stop service’s time of three hours and fifteen minutes is better than Daewoo. However, it will be interesting to see if it will deliver on its guarantees or not. But if the commitment is fulfilled it’ll undoubtedly compel alternative competitors to enhance their services similarly.

The newly launched service has started from April 01, 2019.

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