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Pakistan opened partly airspace for India :Indian Media


According to Indian media, some part of the airspace has been opened by Pakistan especially for western Indian flights.

Times of India has reported that according to sources from Mumbai Air traffic management center one out of eleven airways was opened but specifically for some west-based Indian flights on Thursday night.


Last night, Pakistan opened up airway ‘P518’ for west-bound flights, not all airlines have started using the routes though, said the source.

Further the source aforementioned that the recently opened airspace is over the southern part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that has significantly saved the time and fuel.

Till now there is no such information in the market regarding the matter, however, the situation will be even clearer after getting Pakistan’s stance about said news.

It ought to be mentioned here that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan had closed its airspace for all the Indian flights after serious between the airforces of rivalry nations resulting in loss of 2 Indian MiG-21 and further humiliation for India in the shape of capturing of Indian Pilot. Who was released afterward as a Peace gesture by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Both the neighboring countries boycotted each other after the post-battle situation. Which also resulted in the closure of joint aerial routes.

The story will be updated after further development occurs.

Via TOI, Khaleej Times

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