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Union Pay to launch Money Express in Pakistan

Money Express to be launched in Pakistan
Money Express to be launched in Pakistan

An agreement has been signed between Bank Alfalah and the famous financial service corporation UnionPay International (UPI). By virtue of this agreement, both parties have agreed to launch Money Express in Pakistan.

For those who don’t know, Money Express is a simple and easy method to send money to anyone. The transaction is carried out by Union Pay card. Unlike other transfer methods, Money Express is quick and safe and credible.

One more thing if you are living abroad and want to send money to your loved one in Pakistan. No need to worry at all. If you have a Union pay card or you are Bank Alfalah Card holder you can easily send money to any card, mobile wallets or bank Account in Pakistan.

The said agreement was inked by Larry Wang (Vice President of Business Development, UPI) and Mehreen Ahmed (Group Head Retail Banking, Bank Alfalah) and in Shanghai, China.

Talking about UnionPay International (UPI), it is a subsidiary of China UnionPay. UnionPay International has already extended its partnership with more than two thousand (2000) institutions around the world. UnionPay International is operating in almost 174 countries across the globe.

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