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SECP records 29% increase in Company Registration during April


No doubt the nation’s economy is stabilized when businesses register themselves through a proper channel and legal way. Continuing from past practice, The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has incorporated around 1,460 new companies in the month of April 2019 and a most of them were registered within a span of just four hours.

It’s worth mentioning here that as compared to the prior month of last year, a 29 percent growth is seen which is no doubt a plus point. The total number of Companies now registered with SECP is raised to 99,291. SECP reform policy is just showing its positive results.

Major Reforms

SECP Major reforms include:

  • Introduction of the easy and combined process for name reservation and company’s incorporation,
  • One window facilitation  for company incorporation and National Tax Number,
  • The decline in fee
  • Upgradation in the browser compatibility of its website.

95 percent of the companies were registered online. 73% percent of companies were registered as private limited companies, and 24 % were registered SMC’s.

Nature and number of Businesses Registered

Trading: 260 companies,

Services sector: 17 companies,

Information Technology: 163 companies,

Construction Sector: 154 companies,

Tourism: 81 companies,

Real estate: 67 companies,

Food and beverages: 61 companies,

Marketing and advertisement 42 companies,

Education 41 companies,

Corporate agricultural farming 38 companies,

Textile Industry: 33 companies,

Engineering: 30 companies,

Transportation: 26 companies,

Healthcare: 25 companies

Pharmaceuticals: 21 companies

Fuel and energy: 21 companies

Mining Sector: 20 companies

Communications: 19 companies

Cosmetics: 17 companies

Auto and allied: 16 companies,

Logging: 17 companies,

Chemicals: 15 companies,

Broadcasting: 14 companies,

Paper and board: 14 companies,

Cable and electric goods: 13 companies.

however, 79 companies were registered in other sectors.

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