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PIA’s Losses hit 416 Billion PKR (Minister A-D)

PIA's Losses

Ghulam Sarwar Khan Minister for Aviation Division enlightened the Senate that PIA’s losses have reached up to Rs. 416 billion.

It’s not the first time that PIA’s Losses have hit a heavy amount which is unbearable for the airline. He said that efforts are underway to obtain aircraft on dry leases to reinforce flight operations.

While answering the questions during Question Hour, He aforesaid that domestic and international flights were reduced because of a shortage of crafts. Currently, PIA is working its flights on eighteen international routes together with the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, KSA, Oman, Iraq, Qatar, China, Malaysia, he added.

Answering another question, the minister aforesaid that the development of the Airport in Mansehra was solely a political announcement and no funds were given for it.

While answering another question, the house was told that the Chinese government had confirmed a 100% grant of Rs. 3.5 billion for the development of the new Gwadar International Airport. However, the development work is predicted to start by June 2019 by the Chinese contractor and therefore the project is expected to be completed in thirty-six months.

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