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Metro Bus ticket price going to increase soon as subsidy withdrawn

Metro Bus Service

As per Prime Minister Imran Khan’s order, the Punjab Government is soon ending the subsidy on Metro Bus Service.

PM Khan was not satisfied with the massive amount of subsidies being given on the mass transit project. According to Imran Khan, such huge subsidies are not fair in a country where people are not getting even basic health facilities.

He believes that the amount of money collected from Taxpayers should be used on projects involving the welfare of common people.

After the removal of Rs 12 billion subsidy, the ticket prices are expected to be increased by Rs 10 each.

However, there is no such official announcement by the Govt that when such increase in Ticket prices of Metro Bus will take into effect. But some thinks that it might be incorporated after the Approval of Finance Bill 2019.

Number of People that will be affected

On average 332,000 passengers daily use the Metro Bus Service in Rawalpindi, Multan, and Lahore. All such people have now to bear some burden to strengthen the economy.

It’s worth mentioning here that almost similar decision was announced back in Oct 2018 by the Newly formed PTI Government.

But an important thing is that the current decision has attracted a lot of criticism from the general public and other political parties. PTI govt has to deal with all the pressure of both the general public and the IMF.

Via https://www.express.pk/

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