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IMF Program going to strength Pakistan Economy says Hafeez Sheikh

IMF Program going to strength Pakistan Economy
IMF Program going to strength Pakistan Economy

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheik, PM’s advisor on Finance, Revenue, and Economic Affairs, said that Pakistan’s economy will hopefully improve after implementation and execution of the IMF program.

He made such remarks during a meeting with the business community at the Sindh Governor House. He further stated that for the stabilization of the economy of Pakistan different programs were the need of the time.

Newly appointed Chairman FBR, Syed Shabbar Zaidi, was also present at the meeting. He said that all the business community fully support the Amnesty Scheme.

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Speaking at the occasion Governor Sindh, Imran Ismail stated that the government wanted to address the problems faced by the trade community. To address the issues the Sindh Industrial Liaison Committee has been formed.

Talking about the upcoming Budget Hafeez Sheik said that “The government has set three new priorities in the upcoming budget which are fulfilling of basic masses needs, cutting off the expenditures and boosting up the tax collections.”

The Advisor said that by the virtue of the agreement between Pakistan and IMF, Pakistan will get six billion dollars on low-interest rate through this IMF Program. Apart from that, there is a strong likely hood that the World Bank and Asian Development Bank will also lend 2 billion dollars Approximately.

Addressing the meeting he further stated that prices of electricity would be increased, however, the consumers of less than 300 units will not be affected. 

According to the Advisor, the amnesty scheme would prove to be fruitful for the economy of the country.

He also said that the government would allocate around 800 billion rupees for the development programs in the next budget. 

While giving remarks about  He said Governor state Bank Raza Baqir, is a well-known and an expert economist and the newly appointed chairman FBR Shabbar Zaidi possesses great expertise in tax matters.


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