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China’s Huawei to develop 5G in Russia


The technological rivalry between China and Russia is becoming intense with every passing day. In the recent past, Google just announced that Google services will not be available for Huawei devices. After the said restriction Huawei will not be able to use Google Play services. However, responding to the U.S move China has decided to develop the next generation 5G networks in Russia.

The news just came after a deal has been was agreed during Chinese president Xi Jinping visit to Russia.

Russian Telecoms firm MTS will develop the said 5G technology in the next one year. According to a statement issued by MTS “the deal will see the development of 5G technology and the pilot launch of fifth-generation networks in 2019 and 2020”.

No doubt the recent deal will provide some sort of relief to Huawei. After the U.S restriction, Huawei was under intense international scrutiny. In fact, Huawei users were also worried about the future of the company and a lot of conspiracies were in the air. Hopefully, the said deal will kill the noise and provide the company with some sort of relief.

Why Huawei was part of Headlines in the recent Past?

Huawei is considered as the backbone of China’s Telecom industry. It’s the second largest smartphone seller in the entire world. The 5th largest maker of telecoms equipment’s and products.

The controversy just started in the recent past when the power struggle between China and the U.S. was shifted in trade grounds too. The US government levy certain restrictions on Huawei claiming that the Chinese government may use its products for surveillance which is considered a threat to the US government.

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However, Huawei just rejected the false claims and said that the company is working independently from Government.

Consequences of the recent Trade Ban

No doubt both the countries have to bear some sort of consequences after such a trade ban. However, the magnitude may vary for each of them. An important thing to mention here is that U.S companies were providing more than 50% of its chips to the company. As a result, US companies might lose a “KEY COSTUMER” in the shape of Huawei. From U.S prospective Huawei was a “KEY PLAYER” for the development of 5G Technology but now the process of development may also hamper.

Let’s see what will be the outcome of this technological move by the Chinese government? And how the U.S government will respond to such move. All these things will be cleared in the near future.

If you have anything to add in the story tell us in the comments section below.

via The Guardian

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