- Futuristic Pakistan -

Futuristic Pakistan is rather a new and unique concept in the field of information sharing and Information technology. The concept focuses primarily on providing precise, accurate and complete information about trending issues and most importantly information and predictions about future events in Pakistan to the users especially to Youth  so that they can prepare themselves for the unseen upcoming future challenges. In this era of information technology where social media plays an active role in developing the perceptions of people. It is observed that false and inaccurate information easily spreads out and people don’t even bother to check the authenticity of such manipulated data. Therefore the need of the time was to develop such a platform where people can find reliable and accurate information. Futuristic Pakistan comes with a mission to keep people up to date regarding what’s happening in the field of Technology, Telecom, Sports, Media, Business and Science.

Let’s all contribute to the better and prosperous future of our country and help each other in achieving our goals.

Be Pakistani!!!

Be Futuristic!!!